Why dontcrossme?

Prevention is better than cure

I am the father of four children, Filippo, Cesare, Ettore and Costanza, who walk everywhere whether to school or to their friends’ houses. Are they safe?
Probably not. Actually, definitely not.
Not even in pedestrian crossings? Not even there!
Just because, in Italy, it’s not cool to stop.
Do you accept that?
I don’t. I stop. But I don’t want to do it alone.
I want to convert you! How?
Let’s make ourselves seen, let’s make ourselves recognized and let’s stop!
With a simple sticker, a symbol of our commitment and of the rules that we believe in.
And you? Do you believe in the possibility that our children can be safe at least in pedestrian crossings?


Why dontcrossme?

Because sometimes a cure is impossible. We are attentive drivers who, with a simple gesture, can avoid irreparable harm.

We dontcrossme drivers slow down and we stop near pedestrian crossings, even if others honk at us.

Join us: slow down and get others to slow down!
There are lives to be respected.